interactive workshop

Achieving Personal and Business Goals with OKRs

We are happy to announce an interactive workshop on setting personal and business goals, and on building a system designed to achieve them.


Together, we will explore Dmytro’s personal example of achieving the ambitious goal of running 2021 km in 2021 using OKRs.

Our speaker Dmytro Yarmak will share his knowledge and practices on how to set and reach goals using the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) technique — a tool praised by companies such as Google, Uber, YouTube, Gates Foundation, Amazon, and many others.

For us, there is but one ultimate goal we want to achieve. All proceeds from the workshop will go towards supporting Ukraine’s noble fight for freedom. Thanks to our previous event, we were able to buy an optical sight that is now helping Dmytro’s comrades at East. This workshop, we are raising costs for one more optics (March FX 5x-42x56) by the price of 260 000 UAH.

The workshop will include both theory and practical tasks, so be prepared for engaging and writing your own personal or business goals.

on our agenda

the history

The history and importance of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) in establishing successful companies


Techniques for setting inspiring and focused goals


Strategies for creating measurable key results to track progress towards goals


Building a system for sustained goal achievement

our speaker

Dmytro Yarmak


is an experienced Agile Coach and partner at agiledrive

ran a total of 2021 km in 2021

successfully organized training for over 200 defenders during his eight months of service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


This is an online webinar, with a recording available afterwards

February 23
18:00–20:00 GMT + 1

25 €

if paid before February 21

35 €

if paid February 22 and 23

ZC840 agiledrive

You are welcome to donate a bigger sum if you want.
Thank you! We salute your bravery!
All proceeds from the event will go towards supporting Ukraine’s noble fight for freedom. This workshop’s goal is raising 260 000 UAH for the March FX 5x-42x56 optics.


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We look forward to setting some goals together.
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