Scrum Masters' School

Learning program for change agents in organisations

About school

The school is designed for Scrum Masters willing not only to help their teams to become more efficient, but also dream to drive their organisations in creating the sustainable environment for creative and efficient team work.

Due to the ongoing support of trainers and school mates, you will be able to gain the theoretical knowledge and practice it while and between the learning modules. You will uncover your strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential growth areas. You will also create a plan on how to improve your skills crucial for effective Scrum Master work.

The school is aimed at deep understanding of multifaceted role of Scrum Master, who does not just facilitate meetings, but has a system view on a team, product and organisation. Participation will also be valuable for leaders, project managers and team leaders, who strive for a deep understanding of Agile and Scrum Master's role.

The school takes place for the second time and is based on the successfully run program, developed by Yuriy Koziy and Dmytro Yarmak.

Key study topics


Master the Scrum theory at the "Explain to others" level and understand the multifaceted role of Scrum Master


Obtain practical skills in preparing to and facilitating meetings, workshops on different levels and master tools to deal with dysfunctional behavior


Obtain practical skills in individual and team coaching, and deepen your self-reflection within the Scrum Master role


Deepen your understanding of team dynamics and interactions, and learn how to build feedback culture in team and organisation-wide

change agent

Master knowledge and tools for implementing changes in organisation and exploiting system thinking approach

working with stakeholders

Learn how to foster maximizing business value of a product with effective work with both internal and external stakeholders


Yuriy Koziy

Agile Coach, Managing Partner  Uphill Partners

Dmytro Yarmak

Enterprise Agile Coach, Partner Uphill Partners


The course consists of 3 learning modules. The first module lasts three full days, and the second and third modules takes two full days. In addition, regular meetings with trainers will take place in between modules.


Focus on SM personality

  • Back to the roots: renew the knowledge of Agile and Scrum fundamentals
  • Scrum Master role and its business value
  • Training
  • Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Self-reflection

Back to the roots: Agile and SCRUM fundamentals:

  • Agile values and principles
  • SCRUM values
  • Roles, Ceremonies and Artefacts in SCRUM
  • Rundamentals of empiricism

Training, Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring

  • Theory and live training of each practice on real life use cases.

Scrum Master Role

  • Leader
  • Facilitator
  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Trainer
  • Change Agent
  • System thinker
  • Scrum / Agile practitioner

Work at self-improvement

  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • Shaping a Development plan
  • Trainers recommendations

Focus on team

  • Team and its maturity levels
  • Scrum Master work depending on maturity levels
  • Situational Leadership
  • Team toxins and conflict mediation

Team collaboration

  • Team self-organization model
  • Importance of autonomy in decision making and team work for self-organization
  • Team development stages
  • Psychological safety
  • How to achieve team responsibility
  • Feedback to teams and one-on-ones
  • What's necessary to launch a scrum team

Situational leadership

  • Application of different leadership types depending on team maturity

Team coaching

  • The difference between team and personal coaching
  • How to deal with toxicity in team communication


  • Fundamentals and principles of mediation
  • Practice mediation skills


Focus on organization

  • Stakeholder management
  • Loss types
  • System thinking
  • Change management
  • Scaled Scrum

Working with stakeholders

  • The understanding of Scrum Master role in the context of business value delivery
  • Instruments of Backlog prioritization
  • Efficient collaboration with Product Owner
  • User Story Mapping for high quality release planning

System thinking

  • System optimization
  • Application of Causal-Loop Diagrams

Change Management

  • Conditions critical for successful change management
  • Instruments of change management (ADKAR, Satir change model, working with sabotage and resistance)

Scaled Scrum

  • Review of the key scaled SCRUM frameworks (SAFe, LeSS, Scrum @ Scale)
  • Practical game


  • Assessment
  • Results Celebration

feedback from students

Вікторія Мотова
Victoria Motova
Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas Group


Why studying at School SM was valuable for me:

  1. The theory is presented concisely, in the form of schemes/models/algorithms and demonstrated by examples, stories from the practice of Yura and Dima.
  2. A lot of practice in groups: on the one hand, you learn about the experience of others, on the other hand, you receive constant feedback from the trainer. Because knowing how to do and being able to do it are not the same thing.
  3. I believe that I have the skills that are important for SM, and in any case, there were many good and very useful ideas for me in training, at home, in recommendations, which significantly improved interaction with teams and which expanded my outlook on the role of SM.
Ганна Кутько
Ganna Kutko
Scrum Master в Epikur


The expertise of the coaches, besides being very high, perfectly complements each other — the general base is supplemented with a "chip" - Yura has coaching, Dima has scaled scrum. All this is seasoned with incredible energy with a share of humor, a lot of useful practical tools and a company of like-minded people with burning eyes.
On this course, I received not only a huge amount of knowledge and new tools, but also a pure buzz from what is happening - a worthy example and motivation from the trainers, practical cases and a favorable creative atmosphere from the participants.
Happy to be in the first group and create school history with Uphill Partners!

Дмитро Попов
Dmitro Popov
Scrum Master в Eva


I want to say a huge thank you to the creators of the School of Scrum Masters! Unlike many trainings that tell the same introductory part to Scrum in different styles, here you can get real knowledge and tools that go far beyond Agile. I discovered a bunch of insights and effective tools that I could apply in teams and immediately get a positive response. The coolest trainers talk about interesting cases with humor, conduct simple but demonstrative games, thanks to which the theory gets instant confirmation in practice. Dima and Yura gave a great impetus to development in a wide range of areas. Thank you.

Антонина Рязанцева
Antonina Ryazantseva
Service Delivery Manager в CTDEV


Most inspiring learning ever. There were no lectures on the basics of the framework and the content of the Scrum Guide, the whole theory was sent in advance and the student himself was responsible for studying it, as well as for doing homework. The main value of training for me is in working out "here and now" the approaches, techniques and skills needed by the Scrum Master. Situational leadership, mediation, implementation of changes, work with stakeholders — my personal top list. Thanks to the personalities of the coaches, the group's energy has always been at its best. I am glad that I found out about the launch of the school and got into the first stream. Now I'm your brand advocate, guys!

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