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Improving Marketing Team's Efficiency by 20% in 2 Months of Cooperation

The marketing team of British American Tobacco managed to streamline its work thanks to the implementation of a single information space, where areas of responsibility, goals, tasks, deadlines and responsible parties are specified. This approach allowed the team to work in a coherent and systematic manner, resulting in a 20% increase in work efficiency.

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We requested systematization of our knowledge and skills. Our team already had theoretical knowledge and applied classic Agile attributes in work, and we wanted even more improvement.

As a result, we reformatted the process of tracking and planning sprints and became more flexible. We changed the approach to meetings, resulting in increased efficiency and employee involvement, as well as shorter meeting time.

We continue to move along the visualization and stages of completing tasks that we developed together with Uphill Partners. Thanks to this, it became much easier to understand where we are, and each team member now consciously performs their work not for the sake of automatic execution, but for the sake of achieving a result.

In a relatively short time (2 months), we can already track that the efficiency of the team's work has improved by 20% thanks to your professional "tuning"

Valerii Boyko
Chief marketing officer | Digital transformation leader | Growth hacking manager | Strategist | Digital marketing consulting | Ukrainian.
  • to initiate the process of improved interactions within the marketing team;
  • to create a single shared vision for improving team efficiency and engagement;
  • to analyze the team's current work processes, identifying areas for improvement in efficiency, team structure, task management, and backlog;
  • additionally, to allocate responsibilities among team members and increase the level of systematization and transparency in the team's interactions.
Expected Result

Improved efficiency and collaboration within the marketing team

Improved efficiency and collaboration within the marketing team achieved by analyzing current processes and identifying opportunities for improvement. Other expected results were distributed responsibilities and increased communication transparency.

We started one-on-one sessions and interviews with key team members to analyze their current practices and understand the challenges they were facing. After observing and reflecting on the team's work and interactions during key meetings, we discovered several additional challenges that were not initially apparent.

To improve the team's efficiency, we developed a team interaction framework in collaboration with the team, which included clear guidelines for organizing and interacting among team members. This framework considered the team's unique characteristics and needs.

Together with the team, we found the optimal structure for displaying tasks and changed the format of team meetings. These changes resulted in increased efficiency and higher quality results.

  1. The team is now informed about the sprint goals and the prioritization of initiatives. Initiatives with high priority now coincide with the sprint goals, ensuring that the team's attention is directed toward them.
  2. The team now defines and performs tasks in a single optimal structural space, and responsibilities are distributed among team members. The task board now clearly shows who is responsible for what and the timelines within the sprint are also clear.
  3. The team now uses remodeled meeting formats, and the Daily Scrum format has been changed to focus only on top-level initiatives. Additionally, the team has started using Backlog Refinement and there have been changes to the Sprint Planning and Demo formats.
  4. Thanks to a single information space in which areas of responsibility, goals, tasks, deadlines for completion, and those responsible are recorded, the team now works harmoniously and systematically.

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