Top management of UKRSIBBANK got a new leader, had a transformation team and the bank’s experience with agile approaches, and was familiar with the strategy and results in their European offices.

They came to us with a request to formulate a strategic vision for restructuring the bank towards autonomous, self-managed agile teams.

We started working with them during the lockdown, and so we set up a schedule of regular online sessions over several months.

Our goals:

  • calibrate the executive team’s understanding of the essence and advantages of agile management approaches
  • organize sessions to brainstorm the desired future and do SWOT analyses of options
  • exchange experience by forming cross-functional teams
  • decide on the new structure and create a plan to achieve it

We used online facilitation, visual facilitation, scaled Scrum (SAFe, Spotify Model), a Scrum team for transformations, and strategizing changes.After that, we moved to the transformation stage, implementing the proposed strategic changes in the working processes and structure of the bank

The resulting restructuring strategy was approved by top management and the bank’s headquarters in Paris.

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