The coaching team effectively worked with our top managers, giving their full commitment. They understood our request, proposed a plan, and adjusted it according to our comments. I recommend Uphill Partners (formerly agiledrive).

Oksana Intiuk
Head of Operations & HR

We were approached by Oksana Intiuk, Head of Operations & HR, with the following request: to establish effective work in a multicultural environment, taking into account not only the difference in time zones but also the intercultural barriers of business communication. Our main task was to create a comfortable and productive environment for employees by training managers in the skills of effective leadership and working with remote teams.

Part of the company's team are Ukrainians, and the war in their homeland greatly affect them, regardless of where they are located. Providing support and assistance to the team is a priority for the company.

Taking into account the wishes of top managers and CEOs, our team developed a personalized program. It included a series of three-hour training sessions with follow-up sessions, as well as inter-module activities for adapting acquired knowledge and practices, reflection, and addressing questions.

Module Contents.

First Module:

  • Deepening leadership skills, including motivation elements and influencing the team.
  • Discussion of drive and mechanisms of employee motivation in a multicultural environment.
  • Training in facilitation techniques to improve meeting efficiency and teamwork.

Second Module:

  • Analysis of team work features in remote work conditions.
  • Consideration of the ecosystem influencing team productivity and cooperation.
  • Study of factors affecting team success in a virtual environment.

Third Module:

  • Analysis of team work effectiveness in today's conditions, including interaction and conflict resolution.
  • Study of cultural aspects influencing cooperation and communication in international teams.
  • Deepening understanding of the importance and methods of providing effective feedback in a team environment.

Inter-module meetings were also held, aimed at answering questions, discussing cases, and providing individual support to team participants.

Participants in the training include department managers and the company's CEO.

Results obtained by training participants:

Enhancement of leadership skills, especially facilitation:

  • Increased ability to effectively manage processes and meetings within the team.
  • Improvement of collaboration skills and coordination of actions in complex situations.
  • Development of goal-setting and achievement skills in accordance with the team's strategy.

Deepening of knowledge in cultural and emotional aspects of the work environment, enabling leaders to improve team work:

  • Understanding the diversity of cultural nuances in working with international teams.
  • Consideration of emotional climate and identification of ways to support psychological comfort among team members.
  • Development of interaction skills with colleagues from different cultures.

Enhancement of the culture of continuous improvement:

  • Increased awareness of the importance of continuous self-improvement and professional development.
  • Utilization of new tools and methods to improve team efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Engagement of participants in the process of continuous improvement and search for optimal solutions.

Establishment of safe communication and openness within the team with a focus on psychological safety, which is the foundation of cooperation:

  • Creation of an open and trusting atmosphere for free exchange of thoughts and ideas.
  • Development of empathy skills and the ability to listen to and understand the needs and views of other team members.
  • Increase in mutual support and promotion of psychological comfort among participants in team projects.

Altamira is a team of innovators who create a fruitful cultural environment and develop business with a human face. We are extremely proud of the fruitful work with the team.

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