We are very satisfied with how the strategic session was held. Thanks to the session, they felt like a team. Huge thanks to Yuriy for the professional facilitation.

Katerina Zubarieva
Сo-founder, Sleeper

We conduct strategy sessions both as part of major transformation projects and as a stand-alone instrument for determining goals and building action plans.

Strategy sessions allow companies to solve strategic is sues at the company, help them to determine the direction of growth, and help managers transform into leaders.

We believe that proper preparation is half the battle in strategy sessions, and so we pay careful attention to this stage. We determine the real needs of the company through frank discussions with top managers to find the company’s pain points before designing the sessions themselves.

We usually recommend holding sessions outside the office so that top managers can get away from the familiar setting and thus their familiar views of what is going on atthe company. Unfamiliar scenery helps to create new neural pathways and switches offthe mental grip of the ‘home turf.’ This helps in coming up with innovative solutions.

Sleeper asked us to conduct a strategy session with them to determine the company’sstrategy and goals until 2025. They also needed to inspire and unite a top management team that had been formed only that year.

We got to preparing, meeting each participant individually to learn their expectations. We also facilitated discussions that helped top management to formulate their strategy and goals.

We helped the new top managers to come together as a single team and inspired them to take on ambitious challenges.

The team left with a clear vision and a desire to move towards ambitious goals.

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